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They've     Made     Their     Marks     in     Many Different Arenas,   but They   Have   One Thing in    Common:   These    Men    and    Women    of Sport   Figure   to   Be   Major   Players   in   the Year    Ahead    :    GERRY    COETZEE    :    In Search     of     a     Ringing     Success     at     the Marriott December   31,   1995   |   MIKE   HISERMAN, TIMES STAFF WRITER He    has    no    desire    to    rejoin    the    ranks    of boxing's    heavyweights.    Been    there.    Done that. Gerrie     Coetzee,     once     world     heavyweight boxing   champion,   would   settle   for   moderate success    in    his    new    career    as    a    boxing promoter. "I   don't   want   to   be   a   Don   King   or   a   Bob Arum- type   promoter,"   Coetzee   said.   "If   I   can   make Woodland   Hills   a   top   venue,   that   would   be fine   by   me."   He   appears   to   be   moving   in   the right direction.
Coetzee       Seriously       Burned       in Welding Accident March 16, 1990 South   Africa's    most    successful    heavyweight boxer,   former   World   Boxing   Assn.   champion Gerrie   Coetzee,   has   been   seriously   burned   in a     welding     accident     on     his     farm     near Johannesburg. Coetzee's   wife,   Rina,   said   Thursday   he   had been    taken    to    a    hospital    with    burns    to    his legs,   face   and   arms   after   a   truck   exploded, throwing burning diesel fuel over him. Coetzee's   became   WBA   champion   in   1983, and he quit the ring at 34 in 1988.
By    Putting    Up    a    Fight,    Coetzee Hooks Up Cable January     17,     1996     |     MIKE     HISERMAN, TIMES STAFF WRITER Gerrie    Coetzee,    former    world    heavyweight champion      turned      boxing      promoter,      has secured     the     cable     television     contract     he needed    to    give    his    shows    at    the    Warner Center Marriott a major boost. But   there's   a   catch.   Part   of   the   deal   struck   by Coetzee-operated     Top     Ring     USA,     cable television       giant       American       Independent Network   and   Black   Bear   Entertainment   calls for   the   40-year-old   native   of   South   Africa   to return to the ring. In less than two months.
Former       heavyweight       champion Michael Dokes continued his... April 29, 1988 Former      heavyweight      champion      Michael Dokes     continued     his     comeback     bid     by knocking   out   James   Pritchard   in   the   seventh round     of     a     scheduled     12-round     fight     at Madison Square Garden. Dokes,    29,    fought    at    225    pounds,    50    less than    when    he    started    his    comeback    last December after a 33-month layoff. Dokes    (33-1-2)    scored    his    fourth    straight knockout   since   starting   his   comeback.   He   lost the   World   Boxing   Assn.   title   to   South   African Gerrie Coetzee in 1983.
Gerrie     Coetzee     of     South    Africa, former WBA heavyweight... September 8, 1985 Gerrie   Coetzee   of   South   Africa,   former   WBA heavyweight   champion,   overcame   a   cut   over his   right   eye   to   score   a   unanimous   10-round decision   over   James Tillis   of   Oklahoma   City   at Johannesburg, South Africa. There    were    no    knockdowns    as    Tillis    spent much    of    the    time    in    retreat,    even    though Coetzee's face was bloodied by the cut.
Weaver   Goes   After   Title   in   Bout   Set for Marriott March 8, 1996 | By MIKE HISERMAN Mike    Weaver,    a    former    world    heavyweight champion,   will   be   after   a   less   glamorous   title-- but   a   title   nonetheless--in   the   main   event   of   a six-fight   boxing   card   March   27   at   the   Warner Center Marriott. In   a   bout   scheduled   for   12   rounds,   Weaver will    challenge    reigning    Penta    heavyweight champion   Cesar   Rendon   of   Mexico,   promoter Gerrie Coetzee said Thursday.
With    Glory    Years    Behind,    Weaver Gets   Marriott   Bout   :   Boxing:   Former WBA     heavyweight     champion     will face George O'Mara. May   24,   1995   |   By   MIKE   HISERMAN,   TIMES STAFF WRITER Former    world    champion    Mike    Weaver    will fight   in   the   main   event   of   next   month's   boxing card   at   the   Warner   Center   Marriott,   promoter, Gerrie Coetzee  said on Tuesday. Weaver,   who   has   a   record   of   39-16-1   with   28 knockouts,   will   meet   Van   Nuys-based   veteran George     O'Mara     in     a     heavyweight     bout scheduled for 12 rounds June 21. In   the   alphabet   soup   of   professional   boxing, Weaver   is,   even   at   age   43,   still   a   champion. He   holds   the   title   of   the   National   Boxing Assn. But his glory years are behind him.
Goossen    to    Fight    Lonon    for    IBO Title in Valley   June   5,   1996   |   By   MIKE   HISERMAN,   TIMES STAFF WRITER What   he   promised   at   the   start   of   the   year, boxing   promoter   Gerrie   Coetzee   says   he   will deliver   three   weeks   from   today:   A   world   title fight in the San Fernando Valley. Coetzee   said   Tuesday   that   undefeated   junior middleweight    P.J.    Goossen    will    meet    Greg Lonon   in   a   12-round   bout   for   the   International Boxing     Organization     championship     in     the Warner      Center      Marriott      hotel's      Grand Ballroom on June 26. Goossen,   from   North   Hollywood,   has   a   record of 16-0 with 11 knockouts.
P.J.    Goossen    (15-0)    Signs    Deal With Coetzee's Top Ring USA August    30,    1995    |    By    MIKE    HISERMAN, TIMES STAFF WRITER P.J.   Goossen,   one   of   the   most   popular   boxers to     fight     at     the     Warner     Center     Marriott, Tuesday   signed   a   promotional   contract   with Top     Ring     USA     that     will     make     the     San Fernando   Valley   his   home   base   for   the   next three    years.    Goossen,    ranked    among    the world's   top   20   junior   middleweights   by   several boxing organizations, has a record of 15-0. "We're   very   excited   about   being   associated with   a   boxer   with   P.J.'s   talent,"   said   Gerrie Coetzee, Top Ring's president.
Spurning   Diet,   Ballard   Orders   Home Cooking    :    Boxing:    Orange    County fighter   turns   down   London   title   bout to meet Santos in Valley. August    3,    1995    |    By    MIKE    HISERMAN, TIMES STAFF WRITER Having   declined   an   opportunity   to   fight   for   a world     super     middleweight     championship, Gerry   Coetzee      said   Gary   Ballard   will   meet Roman   Santos   in   the   main   event   of   a   six-bout boxing   card   Wednesday   at   the   Warner   Center Marriott. Ballard   recently   was   offered   a   shot   at   World Boxing   Council   super   middleweight   champion Nigel Benn of Britain on Sept. 2 in London. However,    fighting    as    a    super    middleweight would have required losing 12 pounds.
Pumar   Takes   Title   From   Monjardin   : Boxing:    Filipino    knocks    out    state junior    lightweight    champion    in    fifth round. July   13,   1995   |   By   MIKE   HISERMAN,   TIMES STAFF WRITER You   could   say   Hector   Monjardin   almost   had   it right.    He    said    his    fight    with    Isagani    (Little Guns)    Pumar    on    Wednesday    night    at    the Warner   Center   Marriott   ,   promoted   by   Gerry Coetzee wouldn't go more than four rounds. It    ended    in    five.    One    other    rather    large alteration   to   the   plan:   Pumar   won,   wresting away     Monjardin's     state     junior     lightweight championship   with   an   impressive   display   of smarts, guile and boxing skills.
BOXING     /     MIKE     HISERMAN     : Valley   Fans   Could   Go   From   Famine to Feast May 17, 1995 | By MIKE HISERMAN A   year   ago,   there   wasn't   a   venue   anywhere around   the   San   Fernando   Valley   that   regularly staged professional boxing cards. Three   months   from   now,   there   might   well   be two   within   a   mile   of   each   other   in   Woodland Hills. Since     last     fall,     Peter     Broudy     has     been promoting   club   shows   at   the   Warner   Center Marriott.   Mike   Goossen   attended   one   of   them to   watch   his   nephew,   P.J.   Goossen,   win   the State junior middleweight championship. Driving   home,   he   said,   a   thought   occurred   to him: "Why can't I do this?"
Weaver     Pulls     No     Punches     With Jabs at O'Mara Mouthpiece June 16, 1995 By      professional      boxing      standards      the exchange    was    tame,    but    a    pre-fight    media gathering    featuring    National    Boxing    Assn. heavyweight     champion     Mike     Weaver     and challenger     George     O'Mara     did     have     an anxious moment. Weaver,   a   former   world   champion,   had   just finished   talking   about   who   he   might   like   to fight    later    this    year,    presumably    after    he defeats    O'Mara    on    June    21    at    the    Warner Center   Marriott.   Mike   Tyson   was   mentioned. So was Oliver McCall.