Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
“A Goal Is A Dream With It’s Feet On The Ground”
Former    World    Heavyweight    Boxing    Champion    Gerrie    Coetzee    and motivational   speaker   will   go   down   in   history   as   one   of   the   greatest   fighters South Africa has ever produced.   Coetzee   left   an   indelible   mark   on   South African      sport   by   knocking   out      Leon Spinks   in   the   first      round,      which      went         30      rounds   in   two   fights   against Mohamed Ali, beating Ali in the first fight and narrowly lost the second fight. Michael   Dokes   was   knocked   out   in   the   tenth   round   on   23   September 1983,   in   Akron,   Ohio,   to   become   the   WBA's   Heavyweight   Champion   of the World.   South   Africans   celebrated   till   early   morning   hours   all   over   the   World.   Gerrie Coetzee   became   a   hero   overnight   not   only   in   South   Africa,      but   all   over   the world.
Gerrie    Coetzee    has    a    passion    for    empowering    others    to excel     and     succeed.      His     personal     story     of     struggle     and perseverance is an inspiration for everyone.   With    courage    and    a    strong    commitment,    he    pursued    his ambitions   and   reach   the   top   ranking   in   sport   to   become   the   first South   African   to   won   the   World   Heavyweight   Boxing   Champion title. Born   in   Boksburg,   Gauteng,   South   Africa,   Gerrie   grew   up   poor and    hard,    where    many    would    see    nothing    but    overwhelming odds   stacked   against   them,   he   saw   an   abundance   of   opportunity to pursue his dreams. A    spirit    of    never-quit,     hard    work    and    always    be    positive provided him the platform to live his dreams.


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WBF (World Boxing Federation) ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Gerrie   was   awarded   a   sponsored   WBF   belt   for   his   lifetime contribution and achievement in the boxing arena. An   even   greater   “award”   was   when   Gerrie   discovered   that   the sponsor   of   the   belt   is   Mr.   Dries   van   Zyl   a   respected   business giant     and     owner     of     the     company     Vaalmac     Engineering ( Gerrie   is   a   huge   admirer   of   Mr.   van   Zyl   as   he   is   not   only   a   true friend   and   mentor   but   he   is   also   an   inspiration   for   those   around him. THANKS “OOM” DRIES
Mr. Dries van Zyl (Sponsor of Gerrie’s WBF Achievement Belt Award)
Mr. Howard Goldberg (WBF President)
Gerrie Coetzee